Just get out the door!

Sometimes I find that procrastinating pays off. Sometimes actions that you think might kick you in the butt end in a sweet surprise. That is what happened today.

I bailed on my morning group run. Just wasn't feeling the drive that early after little sleep (I like to get 8 hours and had only had 6ish) Plus my arch was a little sore and I wasn't sure I was up for a hilly 12.

So I went back to bed. I woke up and just chilled for a few hours blogging, reading, sending emails, sipping some coffee. Talked with both Su and A. Then I finally decided to drag myself out for a run around 1PM. (Of course it ended up being 1:45 before I got out the door)

It was absolutely gorgeous out today. Sunny sunny sunny. It was in the 40s. Of course I didn't check that and was a wee bit overdressed assuming it would be 30. That was okay luckily I layered properly today.

Decided to just run out and back from the house. I was running down lakeshore and noticed a disk golf park on the left so I did some off roading. Very cool park. Some wicked holes set off on little trails in the woods. I followed the course around a bit and then ended up at the lake. Nice little public beach that I had no clue about. Took some pics but I just had my Phillips key cam so nothing too high tech. I will have to go back with my real camera. I ran along the beach a little bit but was kept from running the whole thing by a flock of geese (I don't mess with geese anymore since the attack!) I am so glad I took the jaunt off the sidewalk and into the park. I can't wait for this summer! I am totally getting in a lot of open water swims!

I hopped back onto Lakeshore and ran another 50 blocks or so then headed back. I took the mp3 player today and "Let's Get it Started" came on about 15 minutes from the house so the last 15 minutes of the run were very good tempo. I felt great. It was so nice to get out and run at my own pace. Sometimes a solo run is just what you need! Not sure how far I ran today, will have to googlemap it later but I got in 46 minutes.

Got back and hurried off to my inlaws for dinner. On the way WCPN was playing Jazz at the Lincoln Center. Some awesome sax solos that I was jamming to the whole drive. Got me super pumped up to play again. So on that note I am off to practice!


Fe-lady said...

Anytime I am homesick I go back to your blog. Your pix of Lake Erie are great...I used to swim there often as a kid, especially on the fourth of July as my Aunt lived right on the lake. Hoping someday I can go back and race the "Escape from Lake Erie"-sounds like so much fun!

Keryn said...

Awesome run! Isn't it amazing the things you can find right near your house?

CJ said...

Sounds like a great run. I have Lets Get it Started on the ipod - always gets me going!

iliketoast said...

Amongst the speedwork, LSD's, hill sessions, etc there are the runs that I have that are just for the enjoyment of running. Sounds like this is what you had, sounds great.

flint cordoroy said...

watch out for killer carp


BuckeyeRunner said...

Nice job on your run! It was really nice out yesterday afternoon!
I missed it - you were attacked by geese???

Cliff said...

Good run. I don't like geese either. They and their crap get in the way

TriSaraTops said...

Yikes--geese scare the crap outta me! Did you get attacked??

Love the pics of the Lake! I may have to take a few next time I run out on Lake Road! :)

Rae said...

Great run! The pics were really pretty. I hate geese!! Those beaks could really poke an eye out!