Its a bloggy blog world

So I finally caught up with all of my blog reading! Thats right if you are on my reading list you got read in the past few days! I was so backed up that bloglines wasn't even showing all of the updated posts I needed to read. I would think I got through them all then I would refresh bloglines and another 50 posts would come up! Yikes!

I also tried to add a few more blogs to my list that I had been neglecting in my blogroll.

So many blogs to read and so little time ;)

On another blog note I have changed the way I handle comments and a few of you have noticed :) I switched to comment moderating instead of word verification because Bold was going to make me suffer through Mariah forever if I didn't. What does this mean to you? You won't see your comments right away, they will only be posted once I review them. Sorry but I was getting inundated with spam after I turned off word ver.

The one thing I miss from Tblog is the way comments were handled. I could view all of my comments on one page and see that I had responded to them. It was lovely. Of course tblog spent most of its time crashing...

Another blog note, apparently I post so many pics that blogger thinks I am a spam blog and has forced me to use word ver to post my entries. Supposedly someone is working on this ASAP but I think I reported it a few weeks ago...

Riding the trainer tonight and heading to the pool tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


Bolder said...

swear on a stack of nuns... i have not had a SINGLE piece of spam since i turned word ver off, and held my Mariah protest!

p.s. great vid, great song -- as always you little DJ you.

E-Speed said...

Bold- You are lucky!

I do really like this song. I have been listening to it non-stop.

Rae said...

Woo hoo! It seems like every time I get caught up on my reading then I'm suddenly down 50+ posts! I love all the blogs in my Google Reader, so there's no one I am willing to eliminate. I need to work less and run/blog more!!