Met up with the TNT crowd this morning and got in around 12 miles. Got to run with a few different people this morning but started and finished with my mentees. For the first 11 miles we were averaging around 10 minute miles. I am getting better at easing the pace, but it is still a struggle. Picked it up for a half mile out to meet with the last group, then walked that half mile back. Those poor girls missed their turn around point so they ended up with 9 instead of 6 miles :)

Looking forward to tomorrows run with SERC. It is about time I did the 12 loop again.

My husband just asked me why the acid title. Clarification- LSD= Long Slow Distance


Tammy said...

No taper? Well, you're only doing the half.... You better have a cold beer waiting for me at the finish in Arizona baby!!!!

robtherunner said...

You know if we were still in high school I would be thinking of something else if you labeled the post LSD.

jeff said... parents asked me the same thing when they first started reading my blog.

Kurt in Boston said...

I've also heard LSD defined as Long Steady Distance. I used a training plan for my first marathon that had you running the "long" runs slightly faster than the "easy" runs (but still slower than marathon pace).

(Tammy - don't forget - AZRNR runners get a complimentary Michelob Ultra at the finish!)

Running Jayhawk said...

That's an awesome title.

I run on LSD...then I have to explain it's Lake Shore Drive to anyone not from Chicago. :)