Way to go Tribe!

This morning I got in a quick bike ride before heading to work. 10.4 miles in 41 minutes. A little slower than last Wednesday, but I think I was pushing the tempo last Wednesday, although I should be faster now with my slick aerobars ;) I rubber banded the computer to the end of the bars temporarily and it worked so I was able to track the distance and speed.

My hubby picked me up an air filter today at drug mart for $4.99!!! My check engine light came on Monday night and I am hoping it is because I need to replace the air filter, and nothing worse. We will see after I put that in tomorrow.

Tonight was our "annual" Tetra Tech summer party. Since we don't get to attend Fairfax's big party we decided to go to an Indian's game. We played the Yankees tonight. It got off to a slow start but we ended up having an awesome 5th inning and won it 7 to 4!!! It was a long game, stinking Yankees pitchers were stalling like nobody's business, I guess that is what happens when you have to pull your starter in the 5th.

I ate like a pig tonight! 1 and a half beers, a cotton candy cone, ice cream in a helmet (cookie dough and mint chocolate chip!), a piece of pretzel, and some really great bbq chicken thin slice pizza at the chophouse.

I just found out today (I am a little slow on the uptake) that Gund Arena will now be known as "The Q." How freaking lame!!! Why do they have to rename every stadium after a corporation. It is really quite silly and unoriginal.

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