Double GRRR

Wednesday night went to Lake Erie for an open water swim practice. Started out in my wetsuit but I felt like I was overheating really shortly after we started. Coach K used this to demonstrate that the wetsuit is indeed faster because he had trouble keeping up with me the first two laps but did not after I took off the wetsuit. I still felt way more comfortable in my regular suit :)

Everything was going pretty well until the final "relay." As my guy tagged me to go I pushed off and instantly felt the most horrible clenching pain in my left calf, charlie horse :( Eventually I stretched it out (after feeling very humiliated that these two guys were "helping" me to stay afloat, I felt very foolish) the darn thing has been REALLY sore ever since though. I didn't work out yesterday and probably won't today either. I have been icing and stretching and drinking lots of drinks with potassium and calcium, it doesn't seem to have helped.

If anyone has any miracle cures for a Charlie Horse recovery let me know.

On top of the fact that I can't work out my check fuel cap and check engine lights came on yesterday, bloody brilliant! So I am pretty sure I have a leak in my evaporative system, but I am going to buy a fuel cap first and hope that it fixes it.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic= $90
Purge Valve= $60
Labor= $90
Relief that your car is fixed...Pricewait...
Fuel Cap and Engine Light are back on
Ford's Quote: EVAP Diagnostic $180
Fuel Cap $21

Conclusion, I am going for the fuel cap. Meanwhile I am probably emitting horrible things into atmosphere :(

On a positive note I had a very nice meal Wednesday night after the swim with my TNT friends and last night we had a good meal at David's parents. I also managed to watch two movies yesterday, one in the AM and one in the evening. Spanglish which I liked a lot and Muppets Treasure Island, which was also pretty good (Thanks Mon for sticking the idea into my head!)

Tonight and tomorrow we are visiting with friends then we have to be back for my bowling fundraiser at 7.

Sunday I am supposed to run 17 miles so let's all send good vibes to my calf! I paid $37.50 to run in a 10 mile race on Sunday so I really don't want to miss it.

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Neil said...

What model and year of vehicle do you drive?
There may be a way you can get the check engine code right from your interior compartment. Then you can see if it is just a fuel cap issue and let it go. You may feel bad about the gas emissions, but just remember that (even when malfunctioning) it is not half as bad as EVERY car was about 25 years ago. If the issue doesn't create a problem, I say that you have the right to just ignore it. It isn't your fault and the manufacturer isn't helping on the $$$ like they should.

By the way, if I were you I would label this an emissions-related issue and call the manufacturer directly. They offer LONG warranties on emissions-related malfunctions and generally cover these issues generously--kind of like they do with seatbelts. The reps get really sensitive on this type of call and may give you reimbursement. If it doesn't work, you are only out a few minutes of time.