Swimming and Greek Festivities

Managed to wake up early this morning and head out to N. Royalton for the swim class. I felt fairly good although breakfast consisted of a chocolate donut.

We had a good workout. 300 meter easy warm up, 3 sets of 5*100 (first hundred drill each set), with a 100 meter easy swim and 50 breaststroke in between. Then a 100 meter cool down, So 2200 meters total. I was doing my hundreds between 1:35 and 1:40 so I am happy with that.

Coach K questioned me when I mentioned I hadn't been swimming much. Not sure if it was a "You haven't been swimming, yikes you are going to suck in Chicago", or a "Wow, you are swimming pretty well for someone who hasn't been training..."

Work went surprisingly well today. Not any real progress on POD but we finally got some issues cleared up and can move ahead with confidence!

After work I ran to the grocery store and started the Florida Salad for tomorrow's picnic. Took me about an hour to set it up. So by that time I needed to head over to Curly Su's to attend the Greek Festival tonight. I got there and was wearing jeans but it was incredibly hot. Curly Su loaned me a skirt for the night. It is quite cute! I felt much more comfortable. As the night progressed I think it transferred Curly Su's abilities to me as I began to do her dance and I managed to cop out of tomorrow's bike ride ;) JUST KIDDING!

But I did cop out of the bike ride. It is incredibly late and I need some sleep. I am just going to have to do a double on Sunday with a run and bike.

I still need to wake up early to clean up the apartment and finish the salad for the picnic. So I will leave you with some pics!


Curly Su said...

My bike likes it's home in the garage, thank you very much! :)

E-Speed said...

lol, i'm am sure it is very happy in the garage with its friend the banana seat :)