Friday Night and Saturday Morning Fun

Last night we went to David's Grandparents for dinner down in Ravenna. His grandmother is a wonderful cook. As a bonus David's cousins made it out with their kids too! I haven't seen them since Christmas. We had a very delicious meal (tomatoes fresh from the garden and the best applesauce ever!) and we played a bit with the kids. I took some so-so pics of the garden, it is really much more lovely than what it looked like in my photos.

After that we went over to Streetsboro to visit with friends. We just hung out at C's apartment, played with her kitties, and chatted! It was really a good time and nice to see everyone! I took way too many photos but I ended up getting some really great shots.

This morning I took it easy on the run. We did 10 miles on the towpath in an hour and a half. At mile 3 we saw some friends from TNT. They joined us for the next 4 (they were doing the end of their brick workout, Hardcore!!!) and we finished up the 3 miles back from the water stop pretty quickly. It was a great run and nice to have company as always. About a mile from Lock 29 I got stung on the leg by a wasp or something. It REALLY HURT!!! I know I am a big baby, but man it stung. And I think running made it hurt worse. I could feel it throbbing and my whole right shin felt pretty bad. It is still sore but I am sure I will survive ;) I don't know how the darn thing stung me in the first place, never had a fly by stinging during a run before :)

After the run Bill gave us some technical tee's, they are awesome!!! If you need t-shirts and printing done drop me a note and I will give you his contact info!!!

Went out to breakfast at Perkin's (after a slight directional mishap that we shall never speak of again). The guys will never let me live that down I am sure! They asked if I was blonde :(

After breakfast I stopped over at Vertical Runner to get some new running shoes. Mine are almost at 300 miles and I want to break some new ones in before they give out on me. I got some other running goodies that I definitely needed but probably can't afford. Why does running gear have to be so pricey?

The new shoes are 6.5 instead of my usual 6 we will see if this helps with the blisters and lost toenails ;)

I got Asics this time around, GT-2100, but supposedly it is the same shoe as my brooks, just a different brand.

I also got a pair of racing flats, for track workouts and shorter races. My fave brand Saucony, Grid Fastswitch Endurance.

The shirts from the Buckeye 50K this year were really sweet so even though I didn't run the race I got one of the technical tees. I also picked up a pack of my gels and a pair of sweet pearl izumi running shorts.
As much as I run and as little as I do laundry I really do need a few more pairs of running shorts and technical tees. Slowly over time I am sure I will acquire a nice running wardrobe.

Speaking of which I have some laundry and dishes to attend to!


Adele said...

I love all the pics! It was great to see you and Dave!

E-Speed said...

I have tons more ;) We had a really good time. We will have to get together more often since you and Carla are so close to us now.

Chicalookate said...

I love that you have so many pics up here. Sorry I don't stop by all that often. I am pretty bad about that.

E-Speed said...

Hey there! Totally understandable, Tblog is nice for checking up easily. I just love how easy it is to post photos to this new blog!