Great Friends Good Times

I am absolutely exhausted!!! We had a very busy but fun weekend! Friday night we headed out to visit college friends in Bloomville, Ohio. We caught up on everything new and played poker , Cranium, and Donkey Konga all night. Ate lots of junk food ala chips and dip style! We ended up staying up till 4AM :) Time flies while having fun!

(Luck was on my side this weekend as I was the clear winner in Poker, Cranium, and had many more strikes than usual in Bowling, although I was the "chump" quite a few times in Donkey Konga...hmmm)

So we woke up around 9 or 10 and started to get around. My calf finally felt semi normal again so I did 30 minutes on our friends elliptical trainer. The others were watching Stargate. I am not usually into SciFi but I think I could actually get hooked on this show if I let myself. David and I both tried out WarCraft. Could totally get addicted to that game if it didn't cost an outrageous amount of money on top of having to pay per month. Yikes. I guess I will stick to Dungeon Siege and Diablo II, not that I have any time for gaming lately. We had some delicious steaks and corn off the grill for lunch and played some more Donkey Konga before heading out. Another game that could be pretty fun if not so expensive.

I had my Bowling Fundraiser for LLS that night in Fairview Park. We didn't have a big turnout but those of us who were there had a great time and we helped to raise $140! (Not quite the $1000 I was hoping for, but that's okay.)

Poor hubby can't bowl because of his herniated disc, but his mom, and WildBill kept him company while we bowled the night away! I am very lucky to have such generous friends, most of which drove all the way from the East Side to come support!

After bowling David and I came home and watched Resident Evil. We had both that and Resident Evil apocalypse which needed to be returned by close today. So we were up pretty late watching that, I liked it but it is creepy and not the best movie to watch before bed.

Woke up at 5:40 this morning to go to Lyndhurst for the Perfect 10-miler. Got there at 6 and did a 5 mile "warm up" with Curly Su. We just took it easy, around 10 minute pace. After our warm up we picked up our race packets and chips and toed the line for the race. A and I ran the race in an hour and 20 minutes averaging 8 minute miles which is what I need to do in Columbus to reach my 3:30 goal. It was extremely humid this morning and I didn't feel great, paybacks from the snack food Friday night. So I was definitely happy that I managed to keep the pace (mostly due to A, thanks!!!)

After the race we ate some grub and ran back to my apartment, showered quickly then headed out to watch B finish his first half-ironman! HOLY COW!!!

We didn't make it in time to catch the bike but we caught B at mile 4 of the run, in 7th place!!! I jogged another 2 miles while we were waiting for him to get back to the 9 mile mark. (to get in my scheduled 17) My right achilles is a little painful and my quads are really sore, I felt like I did a 20+, probably the humidity and lack of nutrition.

Anyhow B ended up taking down another couple runners and with the difference in start times took 6th overall!!! I am friends with some serious bada$$es!!! (Our friend K from SERC creamed everyone at the 10-miler by over 2 minutes)

After the tri I headed to my in-laws so David and I could watch the second Resident evil movie, didn't really care for that one at all...Seems like I have watched more movies this week than all summer combined! To top off the weekend we went and saw Aristocrats. I don't think I would recommend the movie to anyone, but I found it entertaining and there was some absolutely hilarious (yet sometimes foul) material in the movie.

Now I am off to find some nutrition, "Radio On", and my bed!


Eostre said...

Dude! I didn't know you played poker! Texas Hold 'Em, I presume? We should have a game some night!

E-Speed said...

we aren't huge players but yeah we like it! I am thinking of having a texas hold'em night to help raise funds for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I will be sure to invite you!!!