I feel off today. I had a good day at work and was looking forward to the track workout.

It was pouring and there were multiple accidents along 480, so I took some back roads. About half way there I got rear ended. Of course my bumper got jacked, not too bad, but bad enough that I need to get it fixed. So I had to get the other peoples info. Two cars behind me and of course the guy that hit me didnt have insurance info on him. Farge. Neither of them waited for cops, blah. So I just left, didn't really know what else to do.

Nobody that came to the track wanted to run in the rain tonight so we just went to Applebees. I prob was not much fun, I should have been but I think the accident fudged with my tri high.

I called my insurance company when I got home. Gave them all the info I got, now I have to wait to hear back. I hope I don't end up getting screwed because I didn't wait for cops. They never called my cell or anything though. Don't think they were really concerned since noone was hurt.

I am sleepy, tried to run on the treadmill but remembered how much I hate the treadmill and ended up leaving after 11 minutes. Oh well, I deserve a small respite. I need to get back on track ASAP though.

I will have to post about Chicago later, don't think I can do it justice tonight.


Eostre said...

Aww, I hope you feel better, chica! Don't stress out about your truck too much; the important thing is that you're unscathed. As your hubby can probably tell you, even a "minor" back injury can be a pain in the...well, a pain in the back. :P

E-Speed said...

Lol, thanks

if I can't get the other peoples insurance to cover it I have to pay our deductible...$200, lovely when you are trying to scrape up every penny to pay closing costs etc. :)

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