Migraine City

This is going to have to be short. This is my seventh major headache/migraine in as many days. Uggh.

In brief I had a great weekend (despite the headaches). Friday night was a blast.

Saturday I went to my sororities picnic and saw some old friends and met some newbies. My cousin came down to Ohio and met me at the picnic. We had some good picnic food, heard some gossip, then headed back to Cleveland. I got a really nice card from JG and a donation which were both unexpected. I am very lucky to call her my "sister." Her card made me smile and it made me feel really good about mentoring and Team in Training. Thank you!!!

Eug Engagement Ceremony, HUM HUM SING! Congrats SH and JP!

Casey and I drove back to Cleveland amidst some major downpours. But once we got back the storms ended. We sat around, looked at photos, then went to Primo Vino for dinner. I vowed to get a good photo of my cousin this weekend but failed. She is one of the more beautiful people I know but never photos well, I think she got it from my grandmother.

Sunday I ran 12 miles with Curly Su. I felt really good and my legs feel fresh today!!!

I also bought an new pair of tri shorts for Chicago and am working on setting up a wine tasting event to help meet my fundraising minimum for Columbus.

Tonight I washed my bike over at CK's. It is almost spotless!!! I would have needed a toothbrush to properly clean the chain, but it is pretty slick now! I had to send the bike with Curly Su to get shipped to Chicago. Practicing getting in and out of my shoes while riding will have to wait until sometime on Saturday in Chicago!

Stopped at Curly Su's on the way home, had way to much fun trying on some clothes ;)

This weekend my cat Milford learned a new trick. He always sits like the picture below. He can do this even in the middle of the floor. Well now he has figured out that if he walks with his front two paws in this position he can wipe his behind on our carpet, how fantastic...

Off to sleep :)

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