Another Double Take

I got to the group workout early tonight and actually did some dynamic stretching woot woot! Got in a bunch of stretches and drills that I normally neglect, even though I know they will improve my technique (and flexibility!)

Got an email from Curly Su wanting to run before the open water swim tonight and I decided to take her up on it. Her, B and I ran about 4 miles easy before the swim. It was still pretty humid but since we took it easy it was a pleasant run.

The swim was pretty rough tonight. I left the wetsuit on so I can get used to it for Chicago. (Let's hope it is cold in Chicago because that suit definitely improves my pace) The lake (Erie) was pretty choppy tonight and I swallowed a lot of unnecessary water. But I got in around 1500 meters and I did really well with sighting tonight. Speedster K wasn't there tonight so I kinda felt speedy (Coach K wasn't in a wetsuit or I am sure he would have put me in my place). Everyone did pretty well A is definitely going to have a great swim in Chicago. I am really excited (although a bit worried about my performance).

No Charlie horses tonight thank goodness. I did have quite an embarrassing moment before the swim though, there is no changing room there and I was changing behind a building, lets just say I gave someone a good (or maybe not so good) show. I was pretty embarrassed, that is the bad part about running before the swim, I can't show up already in my suit, eh. Luckily I didn't see the persons face so I will never know who it was.

Newho Milford is demanding my attention and threatening with keyboard foulplay.


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