Do you ever just run out of blog titles?

Well I did tonight!

Didn't get in my swim today, but I am okay with that. I worked until 10pm tonight trying to get the pod modeling report set so that I can take tomorrow off. I got a lot done, but I may have to go in tomorrow. We will see if what I did was sufficient or if I need to run Tongue a few more times. Ugggh. At least I will have some time in the morning to sleep in, swim, do laundry, and pack.

I need to run some other errands, recycling, shopping etc. But it isn't the end of the world if I can't do those. Although I would much prefer to get my goodies here than in Chicago where it is bound to be more expensive!

I am getting pretty excited about Chicago. Thanks to everyone that will be rooting me on :) Your support means a lot. Hopefully I will have a good race.

here's the predicted times

Swim: 27-29 minutes. Last year I did it in 28:42
T1: 2:30 Last Year 3:17
Bike: 1:18:00 to 1:22:00 (between 18 and 19mph) Last year I did 1:32:23 but that was on a hybrid.
T2: 2-2:30 last year was 1:59 (but I didn't have multiple shoes...)
Run: 44-46 Minutes last year was 48

If I go slower than 1:26 on the bike I will prob be disappointed, but if I have a really good run I will deal with it.

So if I meet my "A" goal for each leg I will come in around 2:34-2:36

My overall goal is to come in under 2:40, this should put me in top ten in my age group.

Wish me luck!!!

I am really pumped for my "mentees" everyone has all of their funds in and are ready to race :) This weekend is going to be a blast!


Curly Su said...

you're gonna be great, and all those times seem totally reasonable...i'll be thinking of all of you!

E-Speed said...

thanks girlie! i dont know why they seemed so unreasonable to me, i guess i totally blocked my times from memphis out of my head