Comic of the day

My dad sent me this one :) Very Funny.

Track workout was hot and humid, as usual for this summer. I did a mile and a half warm up in my new Asics. They feel okay, not great, not sure if I am liking the half step up in size, but I will give them a few more weeks to see how I really feel.

We did 3 sets of 400, 600, 800 tonight. We were supposed to do each set even pace for what we wanted the 800 to be, with the first set being the slowest, 3 rd set being the fastest. Yeah well you know me, always go out too fast :/ The new Saucony's sure look fast, not sure if they actually made me faster, my ankle was bothering me tonight and I don't know if it from the shoes or not...

So here are the splits:

1:33.50, 2:17.78, 3:06.63
1:34.56, 2:22.09, 3:11.31
1:34.87, 2:21.23, 3:22.46 (I punked out on the last 800 and coasted the first and third 200 during it, hence the slower time)

Cooled down 3/4 of a mile, felt too cruddy to finish off the mile.

Came straight home and David and I went to the pool. He did some water running while I did some form drills. I was a big slacker last week and didn't swim at all. We were just in the pool for 15 minutes, but I am sure it is better than nothing!!!

On an awesome note we are pre approved for a mortgage loan!!! WOOT WOOT :) Thanks Carla for recommending us!

This is nice because now we know what we can afford worst case scenario, and we can start looking for a house!


lynne said... buying! You are in for the ride of your life but when it is all over, you will get to be a HOMEOWNER

Eostre said...

Yay! I just knew that you guys would qualify for more than that other bank was telling you. Huzzah for buying a nice house!