Not a typical Monday

Stole this quote from Ultrawalker

Any idiot can run a marathon. It takes a special kind of idiot to run an ultramarathon. --Alan Cabelly

Couldn't go to work today because my truck was in the shop from 9-5. Ended up costing me $240 uggh.

I tried to get some work done at home but was having issues with LSPC crashing. I really can't wait until POD is over. Hopefully tomorrow I will make some serious headway on the lower Tongue calibration.

Got my thank you notes written and started the process of applying for pre approval for a home loan. It doesn't look good for getting much money. Apparently the loan officers don't think we can make the payments that we already make for our apartment each month. Not sure why they pick the ratios they do. If Third Federal is the standard then we are going to have to consider condos in Shaker Heights or look at houses in some less ideal neighborhoods. We shall see.


Neil said...

We are doing pre-approval now too.

Good lenders:
US Bank (website has rates)
First Federal (at least in town, they are the best).

Also do
to see what they see. Federal law says they have to give you your report and it is FREE and easy.

You serve yourself best by checking out a few lenders (or at least being sure that you have their rates). Also, check out different kinds of loans (30fix, 3-5adj., interest only)--it all depends upon how you invest and what your goals are income-wise (and with down-payment, points, etc). Man, I am glad my dad was experienced with this stuff. It is really confusing.
You will find something. Good luck.

Eostre said...

I don't think Karen called you back yet (right?), but there should be some first -time homebuyers' deals that you qualify for. I'm pretty sure that other banks are running incentives, too. Keep callin' around!

Besides, if you need more income, Dave can always get a gig as a birthday clown. Can he make balloon animals?

E-Speed said...

Thanks Neil! We may be calling you when we need help deciding on what type of laon to go for ;)

E-Speed said...

David says he can't do the baloons, but magic tricks are a possibilty ;)