Track and Transitions Workshop

Last night was the Chicago Tri teams transition workshop. We had the workshop at Coach K's. 4 of the participants showed up. The team is dwindling. The official tally now is 7 I think :
While they were practicing their transitions Bryce helped me put his old aerobars onto my bike. We will see how that goes. I had to ditch my computer for the time being until I get something to hook it up to the aerobars. But supposedly this is going to help me be faster on the flats. But I guess it isn't an exact science, I need to find a position that is aerodynamic but also doesn't require too much more power from my quads and rear! So I am going to try and wake up early tomorrow to get in a test ride. It is kind of hilly around here but there are a few stretches where I can feel out how the positioning is.

Tonight was the track workout as usual. It was extremely hot tonight and I wimped out a little bit. I just tried to keep everything even pace right around 6:40/mile. And I didn't do the full "A" workout which is always 3 miles of intervals.

Here is a rundown of what I did manage to do.

1 and 3/4 mile warm up
3*400 with 200 jog in between- 1:38, 1:34.80, 1:36.89
2* 800 with 400 jog- 3:17.09, 3:17.15
2*400 with 200 jog- 1:35.92, 1:35.40
200 hard- 35.46
1 mile cool down

Total mileage around 6

Afterwards I had a good meal at Hoggy's! And as a treat I got a hot fudge brownie sundae, it was delicious!!!

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