Race Prep

Chicago Triathlon is in two weeks and tonight was the last TNT workshop. Everyone from the team showed which was great. I am so excited for everyone. I really think we are going to have a great time in Chicago and I can't wait to see everyone in competition!

The team are little sneaks and they got Coaches B and K and myself some awesome t-shirts and Nalgene bottles. Talk about being spoiled. It is an honor working with such dedicated and wonderful people.

My legs were incredibly sore today, I really felt like I had run a marathon yesterday as opposed to 17 miles. No clue why I felt so bad...I also had a killer migraine so that probably didn't help.

Got home from the workshop tonight and went out for a quick jog. It made my legs feel a lot better. It goes against common sense, you would think if you are sore you should rest but for some reason the light mileage seems to help recovery go faster. I certainly am feeling better now than I did before the run.


Chicalookate said...

You have been all over this year running and the like.
Glad to hear things are going well. *knock on wood*

E-Speed said...