Sunday SERC Run

It has been forever since I did a Sunday SERC run. Maybe since March! Holy Cow.

I went early this morning to get in 4 with B. Then we did the 12 mile loop with D. So 16 miles total in 2 hours and 18 minutes. Not marathon pace yet, but under 9 min miles so I am happy with that.

We got off the roads for a little bit and onto a trail. It was much cooler in the woods! I felt pretty good during the run. I didn't feel awesome but not too shabby considering I did 10 yesterday and I haven't had a 30+ mile week since Boston. I think the new shoes are going to be a plus, I didn't wear them today because I didn't want to break them in on a long run. But today's run took me over 300 miles on my Brooks.

Hung out at the bagel shop after the run. I forgot how much I enjoy having a leisurely Sunday morning at the Bagel shop :) A few faces were missing today so it wasn't a typical bagel shop conversation, but still very nice.

After hanging out for awhile I went and stopped by Mazzulo's. I got some chicken salad :) Delicious! Almost got taken out by my sister-in-laws jerky ex-boyf in the parking lot. He had to have been going 30mph in the parking lot. Didn't apologize or anything, nice.

Now I am just relaxing waiting for David to get home. I still need to do laundry and write thank you notes :) (And I really should swim...)


Curly Su said...

We should get together and write thank yous together...I'm getting to the desperation point...

E-Speed said...

I think you have way more to do than me ;) But I should definitely catch up on some correspondence, or maybe even start scrapbooking, I am sure there is something I could occupy myself with while you write thank yous!