Rode my bike to my in-laws tonight after work. I didn't take the long route since I was running a bit late. I got in 18 miles in an hour and 11 minutes. It is pretty hilly so I guess that isn't too bad. I still feel pretty slow though, even with the new aerobars. I just avoided the rain. Let's hope the lighting stops before morning because I really need to get in one last good swim workout.

I have totally been neglecting the swimming and cycling in comparison to running. In this month alone I ran 11 times, cycled 3 times, and swam 4 times. Hours spent running 9, cycling 3, swimming 2...

On a good note though it looks like I have more rides under my belt than I did for Memphis, and Chicago is pancake flat!!!

Also I guess Columbus really should be my "A" race. But it would be nice to kick butt in both races.

Tonight I practiced getting into my bike shoes while riding. I think I need a lot more practice or this really isn't efficient at all. I think it took me way more time than it would to just put the darn things on in transition. I am going to work on getting out of them while riding though because I think that could save a lot of time as opposed to taking off and putting on the running shoes in T2...

Ahh these are the mundane things running through my head.

Tomorrow we are going to the Greek Fair with a bunch of friends and then Saturday is the Eug picnic. Should be fun.


islandarts said...

HEllo Elizabeth! Sounds like you've been hard at work! Best of luck on your next races, I'll be checkin in to see how your doing. I know, I'm slow but I get around eventually! YOur new blog looks great too.
Take it easy girlfriend!

E-Speed said...

Thank you! Chicago isn't too far off now :) Should be great.

Thanks for stopping in!