So I way overslept this morning. My natural go to sleep and wake up when my body tells me to plan totally backfired.

So no formal workout. I will have to swim and run tomorrow to make up for it.

David and I went for a short walk and tried to get some landscaping ideas. We have a pretty strange yard setup so I am really not sure what we want to do. On our way back in noticed almost all the flowers we planted are dying and a squirrel had dug one completely up. I guess I didn't inherit my grandmothers green thumb. I just doused the beds with water, hopefully everything will perk up.

No motivation to do anything but it's only 8pm. Hmmmm. If only it was light enough out for a bike ride!


backofpack said...

You can run in the dark...but rest days are good. You probably needed the sleep, so just go with the flow and make it up later. I always try to tell myself that in a couple of weeks I won't even remember that I missed that workout - which is fine as long as I don't keep missing them!

Bolder said...

post a picture of your yard.

we're all here to help.

well, for me i'm talking about suggestions or moral support -- not actually any manual labor.

you probably knew that.

flint cordoroy said...

many young adults fall into the trap of overly ambitious lawn scaping projects.

have a few trees or shrubs. So far as plants go, something with moderately attractive foliage and occasional flowers are enough. tulips, ivy, roses, etc.

You don't even need to keep your lawn tightly mowed or vibrantly green. Just be sure to rake leaves. in autumn.

Mallie said...

I'm one of those overambitious landscapers. I get so involved in the layout and the planting...then I putz out when it comes to the maintenance. So I'm going small and container gardening this year. Easier to maintain and can still look nice, even in a front yard.

You obviously needed a rest day. Good for you for just listening to your body and letting it go!

Eostre said...

As far as flowers go... If you're planting in the front, you'll need to find something that takes full sun. You can try roses if you're in it for the long haul, or maybe hydrangias or daylilies.

For your back (you get mostly shade, yes?), I'd recommend hostas or impatiens. Lillies-of-the-Valley are some of my personal favorites, but they can be very invasive and take over your whole yard in time.

Try checking out one of the big catalog's websites, like Spring Hill Nurseries where you can search the plants by sun exposure, color, etc. Setting out big urns of flowers can work, too. That way you can move them if you need.

E-Speed said...

Thanks Bold I'll post some pics after I fix the lawnmower that I broke and our lawn doesn't look like a field anymore ;)