Last Nights Festivities

So I didn't manage to make a repeat of the 5:30 AM wake up today but I think I got up early enough to fit in my double workout and GNO tonight, we shall see.

I am super glad I got out with my TJ Maxx bag yesterday morning because it was sunny for my ride home (Sans backpack)! Only a few issues on the ride back. Had to stop and get off the bike when I hit the bike trail because of oncoming traffic and a huge pothole. I decided to get a drink while I was stopped anyways and the top came completely off the drink spilling juice all over my handlebars. I couldn't fix the top so that water bottle is done!

The only other thing was Marginal Road which as my husband says is a marginal road. It is freaking bumpy and painful! I am amazed I didn't get a flat last night. I am sure that there is no flat roads for me to commute the whole way on though so I will just suffer through those 4 or so miles.

Once I was beyond that I had a good ride. I was able to ride slightly faster on the way back and made it home in about 50 minutes. Only 20 more minutes than if I were to drive!

Helped David cook dinner and then we went out for a quick walk/jog before the storms hit again. The mayflies are out in full force. David was getting the worst of it, I think he ate a few in addition to taking a few to the face. I just kept getting nailed by those little helicopter seeds. Man those thing hurt when they come at you full force. So it was an odd walk. We didn't talk much for fear of the mayflies. They were all over our door when we got back so now in addition to a little ant problem we will be dealing with mayflies too. Wonderful.

Have I mentioned I am not a fan of bugs? But the good news is that there are spiders all over the outside of the house too, and they will eat the mayflies. Uggh I hate spiders too!



Papa Louie said...

You may want to consider using a hybrid bike to commute rather than your tri/road bike. The bigger tires make the bumps easier to ride over.

A. M. Mericsko said...

mayflies = a good source of fiber! lol!

backofpack said...

I hate when bugs fly in your mouth, or up your nose or in your eye!

Commuting on your bike is a great idea! You get the workout in and you save $$. Oh, and you get to drop comments at work about the ride in...making you cool again!

robtherunner said...

I am sure you looked like quite the fashion queen with the TJ Maxx bag covering your backpack. Sweet idea and even better when a school bus full of kids drives by.

Steven said...

I CANNOT do spiders. They freak me out.
In our home, my wife is the spider killer when needed...I just stand far away and point it out for her!

Josh said...

I too am not a fan of bugs. The only word I can use to describe them is pesky. And I'm no fan of peksy beings.

monica said...

I use to work at Maumee Bay State Park, and the mayflies were terrible. I hated them. They are awful.

We don't have mayflies here in Texas, thank GOD!

Rae said...

We're having massive problems with these little bugs too, they're like gnats but they sting a bit. All the smokers at work have been complaining about them all week, and I chugged down so many of them on my run Thurs night I seriously was about to be SO sick. I ended up bailing a mile short and had Brent come and pick me up!!