Can I just say

that I love the mail lady?

Seriously she just made my day, and nope it's not because she brought me something special in the mail.

Since we had some theft occur in our building we had to install a doorbell and in order for someone to be let in we have to unlock this door which is a total pain in the butt. It's one of those ones with the turn lock on the bottom of the door, so you have to bend down and unturn it.

Anyways since my coworker left I am the only one who answers the freaking door. I guess it is because I am the youngest? Who knows. So my day gets interrupted several times and I have to bend over and unlock this stupid door, take the package, then bend over and lock again.

Annoying, it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to do it every time the bell rang, or if I didn't have to get up for all the false alarms when someone is ringing the bell for the office two floors above us. Yep the building gave us the same type of doorbell so ours rings whenever they have a visitor too. It is really frustrating.

Anyways so the mail lady today looked in to make sure we didn't have any mail for her and before I could bend down to unlock the door she slid our envelope through the slot by the wall to me :)

Yay for thoughtful mail ladies!

Boo for crazy traffic cops blocking off west 6th and 9th and making me find an alternate route to work this morning! Does anyone know what the heck was up with that? Marathon, cavs game? Who knows.


S. Lynne Fremont said...

I always love it when I encounter someone who is both thoughtful and smart. They make the world a better place

Cliff said...

Rare ppl.. :) i tell u.

Have a great weekend.