Smiles are the best

I highly recommend (command seemed a little harsh) you all go over and visit Dooce today to watch the precious video of Leta reading. And if you haven't yet watched the video of her singing go back a few posts to see that too.

This kid almost makes me want one of me own. She is too cute!

No swim workout for me this morning as I was lazy once again but I am now heading to the track to redeem myself!


Scott said...

Geesh... you'd think you ran a marathon recently... slacker... (kidding of course).

Lora said...

keep repeating to yourself--they grow up and become teenagers, they grow up and become teenagers----that should snap you out of it!

S. Lynne Fremont said...

Yeah. I have to admit that like a lot of folks, I am fan of She has a real talent for writing.