Falling Behind

On Everything!

I have been swamped at work, with training, and with the house, and even with blogging! Uggh. I still need to write up a good recap of our weekend in Cinci...it really was an awesome weekend and unfortunately I didn't get many pics because I was just too busy enjoying myself.

This week has been tough, work has been crazy and it is only going to get crazier, the double workouts are already hitting and I am not currently organized enough to handle it so I missed out on quite a few workouts and that just made me upset so I missed even more workouts.

One of my coworkers last day was Friday and that is really going to make my job a whole lot harder and much less fun. It just won't be the same without him around. I have lost two really good friends at work now in the past year and it really sucks...

Went to the CTC picnic today and had a really good time. B2 saved my weekend workouts by calling and arranging to meet and ride bikes at the end of the picnic. So I got in 31 miles on the bike today.

Tomorrow I think I am doing a 5k then riding my bike some more. Hopefully both will go well.

Had a fun night tonight with Eostre and Miss Funk. We kicked their butts in Trivia Pursuit and had fun chit chatting and drinking a few White Russians (and Bloody Mary for Monte). Pretty tired and I have to wake up early for the race but a few pics from the weekend so far will follow.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

have fun tomorrow! sorry everything is so messy right now - hopefully it will get better soon!

Cliff said...


I just saw your old post and realize u mentioned about me when i ask u about where you get the calendar. Geez that was so long ago. 2 005. Thanks Girl :). I just dl it.

TriSaraTops said...

Boy am I with ya on this!!! Life's been craziness this week--hope things slow down for ya a bit! Are you going to the GTC training day on the 27th? Hope to see ya there and ride a bit on those hills! :)

Rae said...

I hear you, too! This time of year it's pretty tough to squeeze it all in. I need about a month off work!!