Awkward Day

Well I got in some of my workouts. 1200 yards into my swim workout the lifeguard informs me it is time for his break. Well it would have been nice to know he was taking a break before I got in the pool. meh.

So I decide to hit the treadmill. Get in 3 miles before I feel like I am just going to lose it. The last 2.9 miles of it were miserable. AKA I can't stand running on a treadmill. Huge kudos to anyone who can last more than a minute without feeling like they need to crawl out of their skin.

I head back downstairs with intentions of finishing my pool workout but realize the time lost by changing and running on the dread has not left me enough time so I shower and head to work. The whole day I felt off. Completely opposite of yesterday. Why do I always run so hot and cold?

Anyways GNO went fairly well we had a pretty good time. GHF's grandbaby is absolutely darling. Tried some raspberry martinis and ate tons of seafood!

Tomorrow is a rest day! Maybe I should start tracking my training starting on Saturdays rather than Mondays that way I could end my week on a rest day. 6 days straight of workouts, 3 double days, albeit today's were short. Not too shabby!


Habeela said...

Don't apologize for the tangent. I think a lot of bloggers feel the same way. I know I do. I'm too open and honest sometimes and it gets me in trouble. But telling lies is a completely different thing from knowing what truths to tell to which people...does that make sense? But when people start telling you things..well that's a whole different ball game.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Jessi said...

"The dread." What a perfect name for it! My secret to making the treadmill bearable is some seriously motivational music (I like the hip hop, meself) and a coupla trashy magazines. And also a TV with closed captions. I'm serious - I need maximum stimulation so I don't go out of my gourd.

Sorry you're dealing with some drama in your personal life... you can always tell me about it! I'll have no idea who you are talking about. :D

Eostre said...

Sorry that you're feelin' out of sorts, especially the whole secrets/lies thing. I'm with you: life's too short to spend it lying [to others or to yourself].

Cliff said...

Hey girl,

I am sorry about what u are going through. I have gone through that before and sometimes I ask myself why should I be so open. At last, I cannot explain it and i rather be open like a book. Ppl can judge me and this often lead to problems. As long as I know deep in myself I am doing the right thing.....i let them do what they want..

Speaking of honestly and not being 100% truthful...this may not be relevant to your situation but i hope u will get a laugh out of this :)...lately, i went out with someone in my Church. My fellowship knowing that I am single has been poking at me as to who I like. I haven't told them yet and I rather to keep it that way. U know Church has a lot of talking and I rather keep it private until it is solid (or not). Anyways, last night, there was a new girl came to our fellowship. I introduce myself and someone add a remark "Cliff, so why don't u tell her what's your status"...argh :)...I think they are going to be digging...(of course, I don't blame them..they just care). I want to say something but no....better keep my mouth shut...don't like that pressure when everyone knows...

Adele said...

If it has anything to do with me and my situation, I'm sorry.
I trust you completely.

Lora said...

So amazing how most of us go through the same issues.
First of are special that your instincts keep you honest--that's integrity! Be damn proud throughout your life that you have that value! Unfortunately, second, not all people out there share that same value's what was passed on to me by an elder female... think of everyone out there as part of being in one of your four inner circles. Each circle gets smaller inside the other.
The outer circle is for those you hardly know, just idle chit-chat and hi is all they're good for. The next circle is maybe coworkers who you enjoy their company but dont share any secrets...third inner circle is those you hang out with but cant fully trust...the smallest, inner circle is for the very few that you share just about all, very trustworthy people. The key words being, "very few".
Find those people and your life will be enriched. If you need to let go of more thoughts, use a journal--safest of all. Does that help any???

Mojo said...

Sounds like you had a good week of workouts. Even if you got kicked out of the pool. I hate the dreadmill too, I sound like a baby elephant running when I have to use it!

I understand about the blog thing. I sometimes wish I would have kept mine a secret because some days I want to air dirty laundry..

The liar, liars- pants on fire will get theirs, eventually. You just keep being honest and you'll come out on the top in the end.

DaisyDuc said...

Sorry to hear other people have thrown you into that situation. Must be hard. I like to think most people are good-natured and try to do what is right.

Blogging is strange in that sometimes you have something on your mind, yet you know it is not the best move to put it out there. I always feel better to error on the side of caution.

Hope these things weighing on you work themselves out soon!

E-Speed said...

Nothing to do with you Miss Funk! I hope you are having a better day today!

Bolder said...

sometimes, i think i would like to make my blog anonymous. i mean, there really isn't any upside for me or having people know who i am IN the blog, i've just tried to keep my real name out of it. Roman and I have talked about this on our long runs, I've thought a number of times about going back and deleting all my pictures.

i always fall back on there's got to be SOMEONE better in my life to vent, and talk about the important things with, then my fellow bloggers.

forge real relationships Elizabeth, not virtual ones.

finally, what is with the whole lifeguard thing anyway? both clubs that i currently belong to have SIGNS posted NO LIFEGUARDS: SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. am i at risk? why does your club have a guard??

E-Speed said...

Haha Bold. I think since there are none of those signs at my club if I were to hurt myself while the lifeguard is on break they would be liable for my injury, hence me getting kicked out of the pool. Ridiculous!

E-Speed said...

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. I think I will take my mini rant down. I was just really getting hit hard by some stuff yesterday.

Rae said...

I hate the treadmill!! Six miles is where I breakdown and want to throw the remote!!