yards swam in the pool. Oh yeah.

Went and swam before work this morning. I am still behind a 50 minute bike for the week and need to run 3-5 miles tonight but not doing too shabby.

The swim went great this morning. Decided to add some kick and pull to the warm up to switch things up a little bit. Had an 8 minute or so rest at 1,000 chatting with my lane partner. Seemed like a nice guy. Not a swimmer for sure. Not even up to Flotsam and Jetsam standards! But he was friendly and offered some weight lifting advice, apparently I look like I could use a bit more muscle :)

Also got told by the lifeguard that I have the best stroke he's ever seen from anyone at the pool. I was certainly flattered. Although I think I might take an uglier stroke if it made me faster ;) A few other "real" swimmers were there today. Only one that looked pretty fast so I still feel like the Alpha swimmer at the Y. ;) I love watching other peoples strokes and trying to figure out what causes them to be fast or slow. The other speedster today breathed every stroke, so while he was speedy he just looked lopsided breathing always on the right. I know for a lot of people that is more comfortable but I can't imagine not bilateral breathing. I usually breathe every 5th arm. I guess a lot of people breathe every 3rd. I have no clue how this impacts my swimming. Yesterday I attempted every 7th, but it didn't seem to make me any faster and it was definitely pushing it on running out of oxygen. I do think that bilateral is helpful though because it forces you to roll on both sides.

Anywho here's the breakdown

warm up

500 free
250 drills (catchup, slow arm recovery, fist, fingertip, triple back)
100 kick
150 pull

Main Set: Ladder

100/10 second rest (1:34)
150/15 second rest (2:24)
200/20 second rest (3:13)
250/25 second rest (3:58)
250/25 second rest (4:00)
200/20 second rest (3:06)
150/15 second rest (2:21)
100/10 second rest (1:33)

Cool down

100 backstroke

Very happy with the workout. Nothing felt forced and I was happy to see I went faster most of the way at the end. I struggle with endurance in the water and holding pace for longer yardage. So I have been trying to do some longer intervals rather than the ones I prefer to do (50s-100s).

Looks like a great night for a run!

I have to pack for cinci and clean and get things around. Tomorrow I am hoping the weather will be good and I can ride my bike into work and David will pick me up tomorrow night and we will head straight to Cinci. Oh have I mentioned we are going down to cheer at the marathon and visit with some friends? I am looking forward to a long bike ride in Loveland on Saturday and then some hard core spectating on Sunday. I am pretty sure I will be running B in the last 6 or so miles of the marathon. We'll see if she still wants the support.

Veyr much looking forward to meeting Rae and Brent! Should be fun, I think they may be the only bloggers more camera happy than me!

Wildflower is this weekend. Many of my TNT friends are going to be racing Saturday and Sunday. It is pretty bizarre not to be going with on the trip. They flew out this morning. I am so proud of all the training they have gone through and I hope all their races go well.

I have realized recently that I use excessive exclamation points. So I have been trying to cutback, but you know what? They are all appropriate. I really am that darn excited pretty much all the time. Hopefully Rae and Brent will be able to vouch for me after this weekend! I know Tammy, Elle, and Kurt already can as well as my CTC peeps and David's buds. But I wanted to apologize to all that have been victims of my comments and posts filled with exclamation points. Hopefully you won't hold it against me.

And with all that randomness done I'm out.


marathena said...

I love exclamation points!!!!!! I totally overuse them too!!!!!! Hahaha!!!!! Great job with you workouts today!!

TriSaraTops said...

Great swim! Have fun in the 'Nati! Be sure to get some Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream for me....mmmmmmmmm.......:)

Michele said...

I love exclamation points and use them excessively, don't see a problem with it.
Have a great weekend!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

have fun this weekend! it should be a blast!

(i love exclamtion points too) :)

Habeela said...

What's wrong with exclamation points?! They're the spice of life!!!!!!! :) Have a great weekend.

Lora said...

OMG....I overuse exclamation points too!! Didn't know there were so many of us out there!

Great swim ya did there!

Re: Cleveland Marathon--we're coming in with a bus group of Alpine Runners (our running club). Would LOVE!!! to meet up with you!! Email me thru my blog. :)

DaisyDuc said...

Awesome swim and compliment from someone who watches others swim all the time!

That is awesome that you will be heading to Cinci to show some support this weekend.

BTW, you are kicking some major booty in the Virtual Tri Camp---way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cliff said...

!!!?!!!! :)

I am comfy with 100-200 (2-4 laps for me). I bleieve this is more of a mental handicap. I can't justify how i can ride 7-8 hours on a bike and can't swim more than 5-10 min :).

Right now, my kick is mess up when I go fast. It is weird. I have to keep the legs within my bodyline and dont' bend the knees at all.

It's fun though, when i have the perfect kick and the stroke in sync and i feel that extra glide.

Cliff said...

oh have fun meeting Brent and Rae :)

backofpack said...

Funny! I decided I use too many !!! too! I even went back and took one out of today's title! Have a great weekend trip!

Papa Louie said...

It is a privileged to run with you but can I swim with you!?! Keep up the great work! Have fun on the ball!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Great swimming! And have fun in Cinci!! Tell Rae and Brent I said 'hey'!!

qcmier said...

! certa!nly do not! th!nk there !s anyth!ng ! wrong with ! exclamat!on points!!!

I am not a good swimmer. But I know when breathe I have a terrible roll and my legs tend to splay. Hence I sink when I breathe. Unfortunately my lungs are so small, I usually only breathe every third stroke (bilateral) when I'm relaxed and or every other (unilaterl?) when I'm pushing it.

Rae said...

Ha! I am also guilty of way! too! many! exclamation points!!! In my comments and posts. I wonder if people ever notice it???

And yes, I am WAY behind in my Google Reader account!! Something like 150 posts! YIKES!!!!!