The bike commute went well this morning! Only 12.5 miles though. But still a decent length workout.

Heading out the door to Cinci.

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck to all those racing!


DaisyDuc said...

Now that is a great way to start the day!! This time of year is so exciting with the daylight and warmth opening up the boundaries of our AM workouts!

Enjoy Cinci and the marathon!

iliketoast said...


Enjoy your weekend.

Black Knight said...

Enjoy the week end and Cinci (is that Cincinnati?). Yes, we are going to race here.

Scott said...

Have a great weekend! Someday, I hope to meet Rae and Brett - they sound like really great people.

Exclaim away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad you posted that pic of you at the your first olympic. I had no idea what the photo was of when it started to show up in your comments.

brent d. said...

We hope to see you at the race!!!

IHateToast said...

and one of the charities is a cincy chapter for adopt a greyhound. i could never run this one, as I'd have to chat them up at every turn. good luck!