Woke up this morning at 5:30. This is extremely unusual for me. I like my sleep!

Tried to go back to bed, no go, cats purring so loud I just can't do it.

Go downstairs and start the coffee and toast. Out of PB so Apple Butter it is.

Put away dishes from last night as the coffee brews.

Grab a cup of OJ from the fridge.

Haul my breakfast up to the computer and start catching up on blogs.

8:00 AM rolls around, still not caught up. Chat with Brent for a bit on AIM. Finally catch up.

Look outside, no rain. Check the forecast, chance of showers all day, t-storms in the evening.

Finish another cup of coffee and decide to risk the commute on my bike. Get dressed in my gear. Pack my bag. Realize I should probably waterproof everything. So I put everything in grocery bags then put it back in the bag. Then I realize I don't want mud and water streaked across my nice new backpack. I know! I'll put a bag on that too.

Yeah thats right I wrapped my backpack in a TJ Maxx bag.

I look at the bag. Just put it on and get going. Uggh maybe this is a bad idea.

I put it on.

I walk upstairs. "Honey I'm leaving." Oh god it's the look. He thinks I'm crazy, well he knows I'm crazy, but now he thinks I am really crazy.

I walk downstairs.

This is stupid.

I take off the backpack.

I can just ride 50 minutes and then go to work.

Yeah but then you have to waste gas and pay parking.

Good lord just stop wavering.

I put the backpack back on.

I go outside and get my helmet and shoes.

I move the car.

I clip in and I am off.

Wow I look like a nut.

They all think I am crazy.

Yeah well they don't know about Steelhead, they have no clue that you're a triathlete.

They still think I am crazy.

There is no rain in sight. It is actually really nice out, and I am loaded up to the nines ready for the sky to open up and come crashing down on me. I pass through the rich neighborhoods and everything is lush and green and it smells just like the rainforest in Belize. I soak it all up.

Wow I am riding slow. And it is freaking hot in all this gear.

I wave at the cop car passing by.

He thinks I'm crazy.

I know I'm crazy.

This backpack covered with a TJ Max bag is Not aerodynamic.

12.9 mph? Seriously? Can this get any more miserable?

13.7 mph! Am I really excited about 13.7mph?

Oh God look at all the kids in those school busses. Look at me I'm a triathlete with a TJ Maxx bag on my back. Don't you want to grow up and be cool like me?

I arrive at work 55 minutes later. Average speed ridiculously slow because of all the gear.

I carry my bike up to my office and make the quick bathroom "shower" and change stop and start my day at work.

Man that was a crazy morning. Yeah well call me crazy...


andy said...

good one!

backofpack said...

"Don't you want to grow up and be cool like me?"

That made me laugh out loud! You are too funny.

I have those thoughts when I'm running at 5:30 on a dark, rainy, winter morning with my reflective gear and flashing lights. I imagine all the drivers must be thinking I'm nuts.

You do know that if you hadn't wrapped the backpack, it would have poured, right?

Alice said...

This was too funny, I'm actually delurking to comment.

I wish I had the motivation you have. So far I can't get myself to even train for longer than a half marathon...I guess I worry too much about what those kids on the bus think.

Eostre said...

And you call *me* crazy? Well, I guess that I am, but so are you!

Also, I happen to have a whole roll of unmarked white plastic bags [made of recycled materials, no less] that I can give you. They're supposed to be garbage bags, I think, but they're too small and wimpy for me. You could at least avoid the discount-store branding. :0) Yours if you want 'em!

Rae said...

That's so funny! I agree, if you hadn't wrapped it would've POURED

Ginger Breadman said...

You know what? You were self-conscious, but kinda laughing at yourself the whole time, and still are, rather than being totally self-conscious and letting it ruin your day. Appearance isn't everything - you got on your bike today. And also, if you put yourself in all those other peoples' perspectives - you probably would've giggled and moved on with your day - simple entertainment for the masses. :)

Lana said...

That is too funny!!! I love the TJ Maxx bag. Around here where I live, though, they think I'm crazy just for wearing spandex shorts and a helmet. The TJ Maxx bag probably wouldn't phase them!!

Remco said...

I recognized a few things Good story! Thanks for the laughs.

Joseph Vinciquerra said...

I promise I get more "odd looks" from the local school kids as I zipp through town on my tri bike and skin-tight clothes then I'm sure you got from wearing a hulking, TJ Maxx-plastic-bag-covered, backpack ;-)

We're all crazy.

Habeela said...

Oh. You need to move to New York! That will fix all fears you have of looking crazy! Everybody does everything out here and because of that, the most insane thing is considered normal. What's that quote by Einstein? Something about a good idea is only good if it seems absurd at first? See, case in point! :)

Lisa said...

You're not crazy....

You just love TJ Maxx. ;)

brent d. said...

I bet the next time you ride to work all the kids on the school busses will have their backpacks in TJ Maxx bags.

DaisyDuc said...

Too funny! If only we had a picture of you driving down the road like that!

flint cordoroy said...

I hope you don't get hit by a car.

E-Speed said...

I hope not either Ryan

jeff said...

haha...that was awesome! i just read that smsmh and we both got a good laugh out of it. sounds exactly like something i'd do.