More Track

A bit more even this week. The sun drained me tonight and I had this aura of negativity. No clue what's up with that so I am just happy I was able to squeeze out negative splits and that everything was under 6:20 pace. I am debating racing 5k on Sunday. Perhaps it's time to see if I can break my PR? I would have to run about 6:25 pace. I am guessing 6:55 pace is a bit more practical at this point.


mile warm up 9:08


mile cool down 9:19.85


TriSaraTops said...

Them some speedy splits! Sounds like you had fun in the 'Nati, my old stompin' ground! :) So jealous you got to meet Rae! How cool.

backofpack said...

One of the things about running is how little things can throw you off. Maybe it's the temp, maybe you didn't fuel right, or get enough sleep, or you are too stressed, or your sock is on crooked, or your shorts are riding up, or...or..or. Sometimes it's just a bad day and we don't know why! You might just be tired from your big weekend. You still look awfully fast to me!

DaisyDuc said...

Nice workout!

Yeah, I get those negative feelings from time to time and when I do, I am just happy to get through my workout.

Scott said...

Great pics - expecially the one of you, Rae and Brent.

I know all about the auras of negativity... they pass.

iliketoast said...

Loooks like a PR is due with those splits.

Indian in a duck basket, who would have guessed?

Spence said...

There's been an aura of negativity around everything I and the people around me have been doing this week. It might just be the moon...

"Don't drink the water, there seems to be somethin' ailin' everyone... "

Nice job working thru it... hang in there!

Susan said...

I need to start following your workouts - maybe I'll get faster!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

damn, you are fast! I need to do some speedwork!

Robb said...

Way to rip up the track! That's good solid speed work E. Be pleased with that. If you decide on the 5 K...go big. You'll do well.

Lana said...

I feel ya on the "aura of negativity"...I used to think I was just psycho...but I'm almost about to start thinking it's normal from time to time.

Regardless...that's a great track workout!!!

psbowe said...

Holy moly, I want to have those kind of splits too!

Papa Louie said...

Hey guys/gals I get the blessed privilege of running with Liz on the track and I can say she is one tough runner! And she was having fun! See you next Tuesday.

IHateToast said...

nice track marks! you're doing better on your kind of splits than mine. how do you recommend doing this if you don't have access to a marked track?

robtherunner said...

Nice splits. 5k's are brutal.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Great track workout! After the marathon, I really want to start working on my speed. And great picks of Bear Run, BTW!

Marcus said...

Dein workout gefällt mir! Habe es vorhin auf der Bahn "nachgespielt"

Marcus from Germany