Forgot to post this pic. Thanks DaisyDuc!

Yeah that's right I got an award from our tri clubs virtual tri camp :)

In my defense I did get in a lot of training and I wasn't crushed too badly by our queen Trisaratops!

All in good fun :)


mouse said...

Elizabeth! who are you rooting for tonight?! remember, you can take the girl out of the D, but you can't take the D out of the girl....


E-Speed said...

I am so torn Mouse! I think I am rooting for the pistons just because I would like to see Detroit win the whole thing. (And the dumb Red Wings screwed up making me feel bad for my hometown) But I do like Lebron!

Uggh This is so hard! Who would even believe that Cleveland and Detroit would both have good teams in the same season?

And what is up with the Tigers? Good god their record is amazing so far. As my husband said the other night I might as well not worry about going into work tomorrow because it may be the apocalypse!

mouse said...


oh man, was that a close one tonight!

and I know about the Tigers! roommate is at the Tigers game tonight. what on earth is going ON?!?

Chad Austin said...

"Congrats" on the award.

The next thing you know, the lions will be winning.

You can worry about the apocalypse then.

rice said...

Great work on the award!



Lisa said...

I love the pics, especially the Mizunos. I run in the Wave Rider 9's exclusively. Aren't they great?!

Susan said...

Hee - that's funny!