What I wish my track workout would have looked like tonight:

1.75 mile warm up

1600 build up: 6:15


1.25 mile cool down

What it actually looked like:

1.75 mile warm up

1600: 6:12.91

8*400 build up
1:33.35 (didn't realize I was doing this one right away, Wildflower crew was only doing 6 *400 and I was going to add my extra 2 at the end but speedster LD wanted to sneak in the 4th while they were cooling down for their next set of 3)


1.25 mile cool down

sorry did I mention I'm OCD sometimes? I just wish I would have run a bit more consistently. Knocking 1-2 seconds off each 400 rather than knocking 5 off, then only 1 etc.


Steven said...

There is nothing wrong with that! And tomorrow is a brand new day.

E-Speed said...

Thanks Steven! I know I am sometimes a bit too OCD about splits :)

qcmier said...

Smokin' splits.

Susan said...

That's awesome - what you you talking about?

iliketoast said...

sometimes when i come here i sing "Come Fly With Me" but instead use the words "Come Run With Me"

I'm in a sharing sort of mood

DaisyDuc said...

Those splits kick butt! Someday, I will do a track workout.

D said...

You are fast Elizabeth!

Josh said...

I agree with Susan, that is awesome. Though, I agree with the OCD part of you :) ... I'm extremely upset when my splits are all over the place.

Ginger Breadman said...

I think, as runners, we all have a little bit of OCD tendencies. But really - look at the big picture for your workout. You're training your body to feel a relative pace, and then come back and continue to put out that physical and mental effort lap after lap. And you did that. You're splits are awesome - think how much worse they could've been.

Papa Louie said...

Yeah maybe you needed a little more recovery between your 3rd and 4th set. But you were able to maintain and then have a strong finish. Not all is lost. Great workout.

Lana said...

Looks like a great track workout to me!! You are so speedy!

robtherunner said...

Yeah, you're OCD, but aren't we all?

Robb said...

I know that speed is a 'relative' thing. Despite what you may think...I think you're fast. That was a great bit of speed work.

Here's a crazy question - what's that on your head in the photo? A towel, goggles? It's a cool picture.

E-Speed said...

heehee Robb, it's a swim cap and goggles. that was taken as I was getting ready for the swim in my first olympic tri.

backofpack said...

I keep thinking it looks like you have a wedding veil on. (It's a really tiny pic and I don't have my cheaters on). OCD or not - you are FAST!

Cliff said...


I thought Elizabeth was wearing a blue wig..then i realize it was someone's blue t-shirt :)...

Anne said...

I don't know what you have to be disappointed with...I'd kill for those kinds of splits.

rice said...

It looks like it’s unanimous. Great times. Its all relative, after all we are racing ourselves.