More OCD Splits

But these are of the swim variety!

2000 yards tonight in 39:34

Warm up

200 warm up
200 drills (50 catch up, 50 slow arm, 50 fingertip, 50 fist)

Main Set 200s with 20 second rests

200 free 3:08.39
200 breast stroke 5:04.71
200 free 3:10.44
200 back stroke 3:56.27
3*200 free 3:12.64, 3:14.17, 3:13.37

Cool down

200 cool down 3:32.50

Had a dentist appointment this morning. My gums are really sore. I swear my gums are tartar magnets! No cavities this time at least, just something "abnormal" to be watched next visit. Sounds good to me. The less needles the better I say!


iliketoast said...

we've read why you run .... but why do you swim?

E-Speed said...

hmmm. Still pondering this one toast. I love triathlons but I still don't know what the draw is for me. Maybe when I finally figure it out I will leave GYGO a voicemail.

Cliff said...

I hope your gums are better...

i went to a specialist to have my teeth scaled and clean before they operate on them. They show me how to take care of my teeth. Ironic though, I only know how proper oral hygiene after i lost a few teeth :)

S. Lynne Fremont said...

Yeah, I dont mind going to the dentist most times. But I *hate* the needles and drilling if I have a cavity.