Mind over Marathon

We had our mind over marathon meeting tonight for TNT. 33 people doing Columbus and San Fran showed up. So that was good. The meeting wasn't about what I expected but was definitely a good workshop for newbies to running and marathons. It went over the ins and outs of race weekend, which I think is important. Especially in Tri's I find if I walk through the whole weekend including the day before up through and post race it helps to relax and focus on what counts race day.

Went and ran 6 miles in the dark afterwards with B and Coach K. Just took it easy since B was recovering, coach K is injured, and I am tapering! So just under 9 minute miles.

I really only went because I wanted to avoid dinner by myself. I don't know why I have such an issue with eating by myself, well by the time we finished running the guys wanted to go home so I ended up grabbing a sub and gatorade from Subway and headed home to eat "by myself" anyways. Hubby at least kept me company even though he already had dinner hours ago.

Haven't heard back from the bank yet so we will see. We are still deciding between two financing plans so we need to settle that and wait 7-10 days to find out if we get the loan.


Ruth said...

Eating "alone" can be weird. I do it all the time actually, but I do lots of stuff alone all the time so I think I've gotten over most of the weirdness.

For me I think it has something to do with having grown up an only child. I've just always done things by myself because a lot of the time there just wasnt anyone else to go along.

I eat out alone, I go the movies alone. Sometimes it still is bit weird - I often notice looks from other people that I get. Like they wonder why I'm by myself. But for the most part it's actually a good time to just relax & get reconnected with yourself.

E-Speed said...

I like to read alone, hang out alone at home, etc. But for some reason when I am out in public I want company. Weird.