Social Butterfly

So I did not wake up and run this morning. We need to buy a less comfy bed I swear, it is like the black hole, you can never get out!

So I have been adding a lot to my social calendar lately yikes, when will I find time to run ;)

Friday night we went to Carla's and watched a great (read as: really bad) movie: Fortress, you can read about it on her blog.

Last night we just chilled and watched the Count of Monte Cristo, which I thought was VERY good, seriously. Glad Hubby convinced me to watch it.

Today I have the shower to go to. Tomorrow night is free and then every night this week I have plans, yikes! Tuesday towpath run and Hoggy's, Wednesday B-Day party, Thursday TNT Kickoff, Friday 80's Halloween Party (Any good cheap ideas on what to wear?), Saturday S and A's Halloween Party, Sunday dinner at the in-laws. Meanwhile I am supposed to be packing for the move. Yikes!


S. Lynne Fremont said...

I liked the Count of Monte Cristo too but hvae always had a little bit of the hots for Guy Pearce ;)

E-Speed said...

:) He did a good job but I didn't think he was very hot in this role!

Susan said...

My bed always does this Monday morning gravity thing . . . it's tough.

E-Speed said...

Mine does it EVERY day :) I don't know why but I have such an affinity for sleeping :) The sun coming up later doesn't help either.