Preparing the Mind

So I have done all I can to get these legs of mine ready but I wanted to do some more mental prep.

I checked out the Columbus site and took a look at their course map.

I wanted to know how feasible it was for my family to get to different locations on the course so I created a Google Map of the course. It actually turned into a good exercise because it forced me to go turn by turn through the whole course in my mind. Gotta love all these great google tools!

I am getting super nervous but pretty much everything is ready to go. We are mostly packed. I have a project I want to do before leaving but I can always tackle that tomorrow if it doesn't get done tonight. Tonight we are doing my B-day dinner at an Italian restaurant downtown. Big thanks to K for the gift certificates!!! I will be 24 tomorrow! :) Not a big year other than it will be my last in my current age group category :) The women are going to start to get fierce once I hit 30!

Happy B-Day to Eostre! She shares my wonderful birthday tomorrow!

Thank you to everyone that sent me well wishes for the marathon and birthday wishes! I really appreciate it and I definitely feel loved! (Thanks Su for taking care of my furry ones this weekend!)

This will probably be my last post before Monday when I get home to my internet! Feel free to check results at the Columbus Marathon website! I am sure they will have instructions on how to do so race day. I am hoping to be finished at 11:25 AM!


S. Lynne Fremont said...

What? It is your birthday? I hope it is a good one!

Wil said...

Wow! Happy birthday and have an awesome marathon! I hear the Columbus run is awesome :)

E-Speed said...

Thanks ladies! I had an excellent B-Day!