I got Leid...

at the TNT Kickoff!

No workout today. Woke up a wee bit late and tonight was the Team in Training Kickoff.

We have a HUGE group doing the Cleveland Marathon and the Wildflower Tri has pulled in a very big group for that also.

I am exhausted.

Mentor KR is a superstar and she got all of the triathletes lei's. Coach K was nice enough to give me his so I didn't feel left out. (I am still a triathlete at heart, just can't join in on this one)

I should have lots of fun pictures coming from the next couple nights! Halloween parties galore! I still have to go get my outfit. Here's hoping I will find what I need tomorrow before the party!


Chicalookate said...

Thought of you while I was in SF... the Nike Marathon last Sunday and I saw lots of Team in Trainging jackets. I didn't see any of the run, but I did see people walking around with their space blankets. :) It was beautiful weather for a race.

E-Speed said...

Yeah a bunch of people from Cleveland were there!

It was supposedly great! (although too hilly for my tastes I am guessing!)