A Good Day

Totally forgot about time change this morning. Really wish I had remembered. I may have dragged myself out of bed for the group run. But since I didn't I have been trying to be efficient on the home and work front this morning. I got three loads of laundry done and ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher.

I got some work done that I wasn't able to finish Friday. I still don't have everything done that I wanted for Monday, but I am only one person. It is frustrating when I can't get something done as quickly as I thought I would.

Yesterday was great. Starting the day off with a PR was a nice bonus. After that I went into work for a few hours to get make some headway there. Then Hubby and I ran some errands and hung out until the party.

We went to lunch at Chipotle. I had never been before (at least not that I remember). I must have been really out of it. I had a very similar opinion as Eostre does about the whole subway experience. The board said exactly what you got on the burrito so I assumed I order and: wham bam thank you they serve me up my chicken burrito. Well, not so fast. They are going to ask you what salsa you want (it is very busy and noisy and you can't really hear their question) so you say "everything." Assuming he just asked you which of the toppings on the menu board you wanted. So I watch as he pours on three different salsas and corn! Yikes. I am thinking oh crud I just ordered something spicy. Yikes! Move on to the next topping gal. She asks if that is it? "No" you reply. You want sour cream and guac also. So she adds those and goes to wrap up your burrito. Lo and behold your burrito does not fit in one tin foil wrap, she has to go get a second! Then you move onto drinks. For some reason your sight doesn't register the soda pop at the bottom of the menu and you are thinking geeze, I have to decide between beer and margaritas? So I order a bud light. Much too early for margarita's! After I show my ID I look around the restaurant and see the soda fountain. Oops. Oh well, too much trouble to change now. Hubby is highly amused by all of this.

What I ended up with was a quite tasty, MONSTROUS, chicken burrito. I managed to eat about 3/4 of it and had the rest for lunch today. A little spicy for my taste, but it was quite good.

After getting lunch we headed to Toys R Us to pick up a scooby doo doll for our costumes. Hubby was dressing as shaggy, and we weren't sure that the green shirt and shaggy hair would be enough.

After that we headed to the park. The leaves were so beautiful yesterday and I knew that it might be one of the last pretty fall days. Took the camera and conned my husband to take some pics of me and I had fun taking some amateur shots of the scenery. We walked around a bit and enjoyed the sun.

Tree Hugger

Strawberry Pond

Then it was off home to get ready for the party. We got to the party a wee bit late but it was still only at a simmer. Eventually though a ton of people showed and we enjoyed an evening of being social, in costume! We didn't really know many people there and hubby had to work this morning so we ended up leaving semi early. Nothing says costume party like pics so I will let those paint the picture later. I may even add some video!

Shaggy and Velma

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day! I am off to wash the car and have dinner with the in-laws.


Ruth said...

I love the tree hugger pic! I have a similar of me at Seqoia Nat'l Park...the tree was a tad larger in that one though. Days like today are what makes me love this season so much! Glad to hear you & the Hubby got a chance to enjoy it!

Susan said...

Great job on the pr - i'm dying laughing at that burrito. Last time I went to Chiptle, I about died - the burrito was large it was obscene.

I love your fall photos too - beeeautiful!

E-Speed said...

ruth- I am glad too! Today is pretty gloomy.

susan-thanks! Yeah the burrito was pretty outrageous. I felt like because I ordered so much that I had to at least eat most of it at the restaurant. I was pretty full.

island Jen said...

wow, the burrito looks great! We can't get anything like that around here but dang I wish we could!

E-Speed said...

No Chipotle's in Canada? That sucks!

Just12Finish said...

For a while there I used to load up on Chipotle on Fri nite for dinner before a Sat race. Thought I was doing the right thing - all protein and carb if you pick the right things.

Then I saw a post somewhere that listed www.chipotlefan.com, which AFAIK is an unofficial site. Well, unofficially, my simple chicken burrito with rice and black beans no cheese is 30g fat, 142g carbs, 55g protein. Holy smokes! I haven't been able to go back since, but I really can't believe those numbers to be right?!