My girls kicked some serious butt at the Niagara Marathon today!!! Woot Woot!

These ladies exemplify all I want to be when I run. They range in age from 30s to 50s and they all were top 10 in their age groups today.

DM came in 3:23, KM 3:31, and BB 3:42!!! Awesome job ladies! Sorry I couldn't be there to see it!

Props also to GK who ran the half despite an injured ankle. Way to tough it out! Now get some rest and STAY OFF THE TRAILS!


D said...

Wow. Those are great marathon times!

You definitely have a full calendar!

How long have you been w/TNT? I did my first marathon - Disney Jan 2003 with Train to End Stroke and then went on to mentor for 3 seasons afterwards. I love the mentoring aspect of it completely. I can always talk running, encourage running, support running, help train etc; it is the fundraising side and the high expectations of the mentors that wore me out.

E-Speed said...

I did my first Olympic distance Tri with TNT last year August 2004. I had an absolute blast.

I came back and mentored for the tri program for St. Anthony's, Memphis, and Chicago. Then I stuck around and was a participant in the Columbus marathon. Now I am going to mentor captain for the spring marathons.

So I have only fundraised for two events. But I love mentoring. Eventually I will fundraise for a century ride (or maybe STP (Seattle to Portland)) to get my triple crown. But I need a break from the fundraising (obviously since if I hadn't got a $250 donation that was triple matched I wouldn't have made it this time!)

Flatman said...

Sounds like some serious speed there!!! Wow.

E-Speed said...

These girls are amazing! I don't think I would be running half as well if it wasn't for sunday long runs with these ladies!

mon said...

I like to run. Only when I'm being chased with something dangerous, or there is food in front of me! LOL! :)

E-Speed said...

silly silly mon :) I probably get into this endurance stuff because i have WAY too much energy. (and have been running for like 14 years!)