I had all this stuff I wanted to blog about today, fascinating stuff I swear ;) But now that I finally find time to blog I just want to be off to bed!

I did manage to get a lot done today. Swam for 30 minutes, just worked on technique, no intervals. It was raining all day so I skipped the bike outing.

I got 6 loads of laundry done and went shopping for a shower gift for tomorrow. I had a miserable time at Target and it was dang near impossible to find anything that I wanted to get off the registry. I thought shopping was supposed to be fun! Apparently when it is raining terribly everyone and their mom wants to go to Target. I nearly got run down in the aisles by a lady in one of those motored wheelchairs. I moved politely to the side of the aisle and she insisted I give more room, for goodness sakes lady I only weigh 120 lbs and I was squeezed against the aisle sideways, what more do you want? She was followed by her friend in her motored wheelchair too. Yikes. They were seriously into the whole shopping experience. I just wanted to get the heck out of there! What I thought would be a 20 minute trip took about an hour.

I think I am going to run in the morning, but we shall see what I feel like when the alarm goes off! I need to map out a training plan ASAP before the holidays and all that food hits!


Island Jen said...

I love Target, i hate motorized wheelchairs.

E-Speed said...

I used to enjoy Target but Saturday was a bad day!