Bench Bar Halloween Run

So I finally ran again!

Went and ran the Bench Bar 5 miler this morning with Su. Weather was perfect for it. Wasn't sure how I would run since I haven't raced anything short in awhile and I have only really ran twice since Columbus.

I did okay though! Second place overall and 1st in my age group. 35:46ish

This is the only size shirt they had left!

This is the costume participants. The guy on the left is the CIA leak. :) Last year he was a hanging chad!

Grover says drink your juice kids!

They had some awesome food and beverages afterwards! Cider and Donuts! Now I remember why I wanted to run this one again!

Su came second in our age group just shutting down the other girl on the finishing hill!! Woot Woot!

Here are my splits
Mile 1: 6:43
2: 6:52
3: 7:10
4: 7:48
5: 7:10

Everyone I talked to had a slow 4th mile so that one may have been mismarked a little bit. But at the time I was thinking crud I am slowing WAY down! And had to pick it up if I wanted to finish under 36. I really need to work on running an even split race. Obviously my first two miles were too fast. If I had just gone out a 7 minute mile pace I may have been able to hold on for 35 even.

Next year more track workouts and I will go back and crush the blonde lawyer girl with headphones who took first ;) (Or so B has informed me!)

At mile 2 my contact fell out so I ran the rest of the race with it in my mouth! It survived and is back in its proper place!

My legs are tight now from standing around in the cold after the race.

I have to get some work done and then I am off to go home and hang with hubby before the party tonight!


Meagan said...

Wow congrats! Nice splits! :)

BuckeyeRunner said...

Way to go! Nice time. I am so bummed that I didn't go down and do it. I would not have been able to keep up with you, though. That is some feat - running a race with your contact in your mouth. Very resourceful! Congrats! Any other local races you are planning to run?

partyrunner said...

whatever, speedster! you rock.

nice time, cute new nightgown.

i just finished first in my age division last week. and i too have a couple girls i intend to roll right over next year...

happy halloween!

E-Speed said...

Thanks Ladies!

Danny said...

that's pretty awesome!

if i ran that fast i'd be huffing and puffing so much there's no way i could use my mouth for contact lens storage!

(nice costume btw)

E-Speed said...

Thanks Danny!