In Limbo

My cat is sharpening his teeth on the vacuum handle, bizarre!

Not to much to blog about today, I didn't get in a workout. I may do pilates before bed. Work was strange. Very quiet. I am back on a project I haven't worked on in forever and am having trouble piecing together where I should be starting off from.

We got two notices from collections for hospital bills today (for bills we never received) so I am going to have some fun phone calls tomorrow.

The shower yesterday was nice. Fall themed, and oh so pretty. I absolutely love fall. The leaves are turning here and it is gorgeous, now if it would just stop raining! I will post pics in a minute.

I feel like I am lacking in direction right now. Probably because the race season is over, but also likely due to the fact that in a few weeks I will be a home owner and not renting or staying in a college dorm for the first time in what feels like forever. Everything is kind of in limbo. The apartment is a wreck (boxes everywhere!) but I can't just pack everything away because we are still here for a few weeks. I am starting to realize I have a bunch of JUNK! I am a pack rat and I just can't find it in me to get rid of things. Like I have every race number and safety pin that I ever wore in a race. I keep all of our birthday and holiday cards. We have tons of books that I highly doubt we will ever read again (and this is after purging many of them last year) . It all adds up.

When we move into the house I am making a pact not to take anything out of a box until I have time to put it into a proper and organized space. Thank goodness we have a huge crawlspace and a basement!

Hopefully once we are moved in and semi settled things will start to feel "normal" again. In the meantime I need to seriously look at my athletic goals for next year and get working on a training plan!

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