Not Perfect

But it will have to do...

Warning: Do not attempt to throw together a perfect costume in a 20 minute run through JCPenney's. You WILL NOT succeed.

Note: No orange knee highs
Note: Skirt is not red
Note: Shoes are not Red (Found perfect shoes but for $40 I just couldn't do it)
Note: Glasses are not big enough
Note: Hair is red, not brown. (But I will not give in to bangs with my real do!)
Note: Sweater is more of a peach than orange.

Can you even guess who I am supposed to be?

Tomorrow night should be better when I have hubby and props in tow.


Sal said...

I knew who you were right away without even reading the notes. Don't worry about it, it was pretty obvious to me.

E-Speed said...

Thanks Sal!

island Jen said...

okay, i'm probably going to look like an idiot- are you the geeky girl from Scooby doo??

Adele said...

Yeah, it's obvious you're Velma.
I still don't have a costume. And since Key Club is sponsoring the Halloween dress-up day, I should really get something together. *sigh*

Kurt in Boston said...

rat's ra rood rosrume!

E-Speed said...

Thanks Everyone! I "won" third place tonight, haha. I got some miracle bubbles. It was an 80's party tonight and I thought I might be stretching it with Velma. But I watched Scooby Doo in the 80's so I figured it worked.

Meagan said...

Hi there, I just found your blog off a link from Flatman's site!

I love the costume! You're Velma!

Congrats on your third place finish :)

S. Lynne Fremont said...

hey. great costume!

E-Speed said...

Thanks meagan and lynne!

I guess I am WAY too much of a perfectionist.

I was seriously worried people were going to be like "Duh, Velma had orange knee highs and a RED skirt!"


My hubby is going as Shaggy tonight and we are going to go find a scooby doo doll for him to carry around!