Time for a change

I am working on changing the blog "face." I am still going to fudge with the backgrounds etc. but for now this will do. I felt like I needed a change.

Signed up for Boston today. So I am going and will just have to find a cheap place to stay etc.

I think B, J, and A are going so hopefully I will have some company!

Tonight was girls night out for all the October b-day girls. I got a very good smelling candle, lotion, and an adidas backpack! Suhweet. I am feeling very spoiled.

I also got two pairs of Boston 05 technical shorts and a technical T that S got on sale, $15 for all three total, the shorts were originally $32 they were on sale for $3.00!!! Can't beat that, they are nice and even have a "butt pocket"!

No running today but I did eat quite a lot at dinner ;)

A and I are thinking about driving to Niagara Sunday morning for the marathon. All the girls are running it so it would be fun to run with them and get some good photos!

If the weather holds I am going to get back on the bike on Saturday.

I need to workout a training "plan" for the next few months before official Boston training starts...


Gretchen said...


Your race picts look great. Do you run with a team? How did you get started with that? I am just starting out racing and I love to read about all the great things that other runners do. It is very motivational! Thanks!

E-Speed said...

This marathon was actually done with Team in Training. They are a fundraising group for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, link at top right.

I find that it is a great way to do something you love while helping out a great cause. And you also meet a lot of great people with similar goals as you. Definitely awesome. You should check out what events your local chapter is doing. They should be recruiting for spring events now or soon.

partyrunner said...

nice race report! you broke 330...you're a star.

i'm training to qualify for boston but looking quite glum. maybe i can join you guys in 2007 since you're eligible for two years!

yuck, though on the bloody toe. ;-)but seeing the heineken made me feel better.

E-Speed said...

Thanks, I feel pretty good about the race.

I saw that you want to qualify. You can totally do it, you just have to choose a flat and fast course. I think it also helps to be with a pace group.

I qualified on my first try last year at the Richmond Marathon. Having the last 4 miles be downhill really helped to get in on time even though my legs were killing me.

I also think the tri training and track workouts help to get speedier! Good Luck!