Zombie Girl

Yesterday the legs still weren't functioning quite normal. Especially after long periods sitting at the desk. I looked somewhat like a zombie and moved just as slow.

I decided to go to the Tuesday night run despite my condition hoping running would make my legs feel better. Luckily despite my condition I was able to run around 9 minute miles so I was able to keep up with Su. We ran about 5.5 miles in 50 minutes. My legs started to actually feel normal walking after that, but after sitting at dinner at Hoggy's for the evening they were back to stiff and zombieish.

They are feeling much better tonight. I took a break from athletics today.

I am feeling a bit off today. Post marathon depression again? I have so much to be happy about right now so that is all I can figure. I guess at least I was able to enjoy the race and the aftermath this time around. After Richmond I was not happy at all. My levels must have been all over the place.

Hopefully a good nights sleep will help!

I think I also need to set some of my race goals for the next year in stone.

For sure I want to run Boston, not sure if that will happen because of funds but I will keep my fingers crossed.

After that Buckeye 50K is definitely an option. All my friends are doing the Jamba Juice Half Ironman in California so I guess I am probably jealous, so I should see about a local half ironman.

I got some CDs and a book from the library on the way home tonight. I usually just pick a book off the new rack that looks interesting.

Right now I am reading Why we Buy: The Science of Shopping by Paco Underhill and The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel. B recommended the latter and I think the book I found tonight is what I am going to have him read (if I enjoy it) How to read the Bible by Steven L. McKenzie. It sounds interesting at least from my semi agnostic point of view.

Why we Buy is pretty good, I think I heard about it over on Chicalookate's blog at some point. As somewhat of an impulse purchaser it is definitely an interesting read.

Okay enough with the randomness. I am obviously overdue for a good night's sleep.


monica said...

Lee Strobel books are really good. The Case for Christ is probably one of my favorites. It's really good! You should also try to find his "The Case for Easter", talking mainly about the resurection alone. Interesting!

E-Speed said...

I think the book is good but I am dissapointed that he did not try to disprove anything. To me if he was really an atheist becoming christian he would have also talked to some people with different opinions.

I think I am going to like the McKenzie book because it is already going into how every story in the bible is not "history" and shouldn't be read as if it was.

Interesting stuff.

rhein said...

yeah, the post-run blues are down right wicked. feel better. keep running.

monica said...

I like your new layout...but your profile pic and everything should be at the top...it's too far down to the bottom right hand corner...I had to scroll to find it! :0

E-Speed said...

hmm profile pic is at the top right when i view. what browser do you use?

E-Speed said...

ahhhh, apparently the new layout is not ie friendly, I just looked at it in ie and you are right it is all jacked. bizarre, it looks great in firefox

any html savy peep out there know how to solve this?

E-Speed said...

think i figured it out, the google search bar was too big for ie so it was angry

BuckeyeRunner said...

greater cleveland half ironman...interested?