Inspection Complete

Had the home inspected this morning. Most everything is A OK! There are a few minor issues and a couple of things that may cost some significant dollars to fix but I don't think anything that would affect us wanting the house. See Pics Below!

We are meeting with the bank mortgage agent tomorrow to do paperwork. Let's hope everything goes as planned!

Got my check for the truck but it was made out to me and my mother so mom and dad stopped by to sign and visit, also got to check out the house because I wanted my dads professional opinion on the electrical. I think they like it (the house not the electrical, my dad had never seen knob and tube wiring and his coworker thought it may cost upwards of $2-3k to replace). Luckily the whole house isn't knob and tube wiring so it may be possible for us to change it out a little at a time. We will see, hopefully my Uncle R will check out the photos and let us know how much he thinks it would cost to fix.

I gotta run 16-20 tomorrow morning. Hopefully A will show. I think I am just going to go at 8 and run long that way I get to sleep in even though waking up early means I am done earlier.


Furian said...

I wouldn't worry. The museum is FULL of knob and tube wiring! Some of it still works!

Neil said...

You can always argue the price down for that wiring!

We have had to consider the cost of rewiring into homes too. It stinks to have cute places that have no grounding or that have a sub-100 amp system.

Then again, we also looked at a house that an electrician owned. The guy had electric in his shed for no good reason and 4 outlets every 2 feet in the garage..all on a 200(!) amp system. Odd...good, but odd.

Good luck with the dealings. We have been looking for nine months or so and I am just now getting into the swing of being able to evaluate a house well.

E-Speed said...

I think we can live with the knob and tube. The whole house isn't running on it. There is half or more of it on the new Romex kind.

And we are grounded :)

I am guessing that the house price already reflects the wiring.

Also note that this is the only major thing wrong. We have brand new roof, brand new furnace, brand new water heater, brand new half finished basement.

So for what we are paying we are probably making out.

We will see when it gets appraised :)

Chicalookate said...

Very cool. At least there are lots of new things with the house. One of my best friends just bought a house and she is going to have a lot of stuff to do in the next few months.

Island Jen said...

the House looks awesome!! I love it the 'war time' style and the floors look awesome.
Good luck with all the closing stuff!

E-Speed said...

Thanks Jen!