Speeding it up a bit

I left this morning and headed to the Mayfield Heights track to try and get in my track workout but was disappointed to find that they haven't shoveled at all. So I had to put my workout off until this evening. My husband and I went over to the Richmond Heights track which also was not shoveled. I attempted to run anyways but there were parts where the snow drift were up to my knees. So we did some quick brainstorming and drove to the park next door. We measured the parks drive and it was 800 meters so I did my repeats there.

Here's the run down:

1 mile warm up
1 mile hard ~6:20
1/2 mile easy
1 mile hard 6:19
1/2 mile easy
1 mile hard 6:28
11 minute cool down

So total time and mileage was 50:49 and 6 miles.

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