I think I am broken. I managed to get in all 20 miles today, but it was pretty brutal. My left hip is still bothering me and it was really bad today. B thinks it might be my hip flexor so at every water stop I stretched that out. My right knee also hurt pretty bad, worse now then it did during the run of course. The gals think it might be my IT band. Lets hope they are wrong. But they also showed me a good stretch for that.

So the new plan is cut back on mileage and start some serious cross training and weight training and hope that I make it thorugh till Boston and St. Anthony's. Then I am going to need to take a semi-serious break from running. I will just use that time to focus on swimming and cycling for Chicago.

I am beat, I need to eat and then I think I am going to take a nap before my hubby gets back from BG.

On an unrelated note I finished my scarf last night. :) It is pretty funny looking but it will serve its purpose. I will post a pic when David gets home.

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