I Will Survive

Oh how I hate running in the winter :)

But luckily it will be spring again soon and I have learned my lesson about training for a spring running event...don't do it! (Unless you live in a more mild climate area than Ohio)

In spite of bad conditions I did get in my run this morning. I just couldn't face the wind and cold temperatures though so I suffered through another treadmill run. 10 miles in one and a half hours...luckily my new mp3 player helped the time pass slightly faster than it normally does. And the distance calculator was pretty close to what the treadmill claimed I had run (there goes my theory about treadmills lying about my pace). I think Islandartist is right I am just a free spirit who finds treadmill running very difficult, because I swear I have to put in two times the effort to get the same results on a treadmill as I do outside.

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