5 miles

Went out to Peninsula today and got in 5 miles. We met some new people so that was fun. Ate way too much at breakfast then went to Century Cycles for some bike research. The guy at the shop was really nice and pretty helpful. He is going to get some bikes from the surrounding stores for A and I to try out next time we are down there. It sounds like I can spend anywhere from 1200-2600 on a good road bike for me (not including the pedals, shoes, aerobars, water bottle racks, etc.). I am going to do some more research and try to get out to a couple different shops to try out different brands and check out the range of prices.

My hip wasn't great today but it was probably because the trail was kind of lumpy so lots of jarring. My knee was fine during the run but feels a little off now. So I am going to take it easy (pace wise, not distance wise) tomorrow and see how it feels.

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