Cross Training

This morning I went out to the Tow Path and walked 6 miles with the Team in Training walkers. I am counting this as my cross training for the week. It was a lot of fun and one of my triathlete friends was there too. She also fell this week and bruised her left knee. She fell off her bike though. I am grateful that I have not fallen off my bike yet. I am sure it will happen eventually though.

I felt really good on the walk so I stopped by N. Chagrin on the way home and ran another 6 miles. I stopped and stretched twice but I was keeping a good pace around 9 minute miles.

Was almost at 3 miles and I was coming up on a person walking. I noticed they had something in their hand. I didn't get too close because it looked like a crowbar, slightly unnerving so I turned back and picked up the pace :) This is why I always bring my cell phone with me and tell someone where I will be and how long I will be running for.

I learned today why my fingers always get so swollen when I hike. Apparently swinging your hands by you side is not the best way to walk. :)

I felt like I had a lot more energy today so the carb loading must have helped. My body is sore, most likely from the fall because I can't remember doing anything with my arms to make them sore. Oh wait I did do some pushups two nights ago...not enough to make my arms this sore though I don't think.

Just got the mailing for requests for next seasons mentors for Team in Training. They are doing the Chicago Triathlon again so I am definately going to sign up. I really had a blast in Chicago and I can't imagine a more perfect triathlon.

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