Rough Morning

Woke up this morning and couldn't locate my husband...his side of the bed was empty, he wasn't on the couch, not in the bathroom, not on the computer...finally found him on the floor beside our bed on his side. Then I went to freshen up and had to unclog the toilet, second time this week. Then went to get some juice and found that my cat had vomited in the living room, also second time this week. This is particularly frustrating because we thought we had solved this problem by giving him more food so he wouldn't feel we were starving him, and in return he wouldn't wolf down the food so fast it would make him throw up, but apparently he has decided that not chewing food is really quite fun...Blah!

The Culprit

On a good note today is my rest day, and after running four days in a row I definitely deserve it Off to work.

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